Taco Tuesday

As I reminisce on the delight of Cinco de Mayo, the weekly celebration of Taco Tuesday comes to mind. Any excuse to drink a margarita and eat Mexican food is fine by me; all in moderation of course. However, calories and fat can add up quickly, especially with sugary drinks and chips and dip. If Taco Tuesday is a weekly celebration for you, try these simple tips to enjoy in a more nutritious way:

  • Cook at home – this way you know exactly how the food is prepared and all ingredients going into each itemjag_onskar_inte_till_taco_anfallen_den_det_ar_fyrkantigt_klistermarke-r8bce8c25b8fc4dfb8589038bc5757247_v9wf3_8byvr_324
  • Use lettuce wraps instead of tortillas or simply have a taco salad with salsa for dressing – tortillas often contain a surprisingly high amount of calories and fat, particularly trans fat
  • Ask for vegetables to dip with salsa or guacamole at restaurants
    If a margarita is necessary, ask the bar tender if they have a skinny or lite version. If the answer is no, ask them to create one with just lime juice and a tad of simple syrup
  • Don’t be afraid to order off the menu – everything you see on the menu is the inventory they have in the kitchen
  • Always choose grilled over fried
  • Use portion control – share an entrée with a friend or put half away before eating to have for lunch the next day

iFeliz Martes!