Keeping Off Pounds Lost

Weight loss is commonly tracked throughkeeping-off-pounds the measurements of pounds and inches. In addition to these two figures, a significant number to be tracked is percent (%) of total body weight. Substantial health improvements can happen from just a 5-15% total body weight loss. Some benefits include fewer medications or lower dosages, decreased sleep apnea, improved sexual function, increased mobility/function, and more.  All of these improvements from just 10-20 pounds in some cases. Losing the pounds often proves to be the easiest part of a weight loss journey, keeping them off is where most people struggle.  Obesity expert Donna Ryan from Pennington Biomedical Research Center explains in a recent article, “estimated metabolic adaptation from weight loss is roughly about 15 calories for every percent of weight loss.” So adapting your intake to be 15 calories less with each percent loss will help to keep the pounds off. A 5% loss would warrant a 75 calorie decrease in total daily needs. To compensate for this amount, eating less or exercising more are both options. With this, it is important to note that daily smart food choices and regular physical activity are two main components of a healthy lifestyle for anyone at any size.