Is Using Your Cell Phone a Pain?









Have you noticed more pain in your shoulders lately? It could be a direct result of new technology. Hunching over your cell phone to type out a quick text message can cause neck or shoulder pain. The motion used to text is similar to a person sitting over a computer all day and can cause pain and discomfort.

Researchers at Temple University sent out a questionnaire to 138 college
students asking how many texts they sent a day. The survey also included
information about where they felt discomfort in their body. They found a
high correlation between the higher number of text messages and shoulder
pain. They also found that the pain was more strongly seen in men.

When texting, people are sitting or standing slumped over their phones with
shoulders forward thumbing quick answers to their text messages. Certain
professions require a person to be in contact at all times, this can result in a
person receiving hundreds of messages and e-mails on their phone a day.
Consequently this means that more than 2 hours a day can be spent in a slouched
position with slumped shoulders and head forward answering messages on the phone.
This posture can lead to headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, and even wrist
and thumb problems.








The few and proud that have good posture need to continue maintain
good posture of the neck, head and upper body. For the rest of us who
don’t have good posture, there are several rules we should try to follow:

• Stand Erect
• Head (in between shoulders) Retracted
• Shoulders Relaxed
• Raise your phone to eye level

If you have any problems with the spine or shoulders address them swiftly
because neglect will cause chronic problems. Dutch Physical Therapy is
specialized in quickly treating and eliminating these pains. Our physical
therapists are superior in correcting posture and applying these postures
to your daily functions and work activities.

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