How to Enjoy the Mardi Gras Celebration Without Back and Neck Pain

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The sounds of Mardi Gras mambo fill the air as colors of purple, green, and gold spread across every corner in southern Louisiana. You guessed it, Mardi Gras celebrations are in full effect! From carrying coolers, placing kids on your shoulders, draping dozens of beads around your neck, or dancing the night away in heels, the festivities leading up to February 28th can cause stress to your back and neck.

While reminders such as: lift with your legs–not your back, and put your kids on a ladder rather than your shoulders are familiar and important to remember, we have pulled together a few simple tips to help you avoid the post Mardi Gras muscle struggle.

Carrying Coolers: You may have filled that gigantic cooler by yourself, but that doesn’t mean you should lift it on your own. A bulging or herniated disc due to improper lifting could be the end of your Mardi Gras fun. Purchase a cooler on wheels for an easier walk to the parade route. But if you don’t have time to get a cooler on wheels or a wagon for easy transportation grab a few friends to help with the heavy items, like coolers, strollers, chairs and even children.

Prolonged Standing: Bring a portable sturdy lumbar roll and lawn chair with you. Take every opportunity to sit down to avoid lower back pain.

Wearing High Heels: The perfect pair of heels can make any outfit, especially if that outfit is a sparkling evening gown, but with this style comes unwanted suffering. If you’re attending a Mardi Gras ball and choose to wear high heels remember the following:
– Avoid wearing your heels for a long period of time
– Stretch leg muscles before and after putting on your heels
– Try and set your heel limit to two inches

Beads: Dangling proudly around your neck, beads are the ultimate reward for all of your effort. However, piling bead upon bead around your neck will result in some seriously sore neck muscles. Our advice: pick the best of your catching and limit the bead necklaces to six.

Kids on Shoulders: Proceed at your own risk! Be wary of the child’s weight and your ability to safely hold that weight. Preferably, use a Mardi Gras ladder seat for the kids rather than putting a child on your shoulders. If you decide to place a child on your shoulders, be sure the child sits across your shoulders and doesn’t lean on your neck.

We hope this helps you enjoy Mardi Gras PAIN FREE, but if you get caught up enjoying the festivities and find yourself in pain, please call one of our clinics. We will be glad to help assist you in getting back to normal.

If you are unsure if physical therapy is appropriate for you, FREE consultations are available at all of our clinics.