Check Out the New Food Label Changes!

Check out the new food label approved by the FDA.  While keeping the iconic nutrition label look, font sizes are increased for calories, servings per container, and serving size. Additionally, “calories” and “serving size” fonts will be bolded.  On the footnote, % Daily Values (% DV) will have an actual amount in addition to the % value to help consumers understand this nutrition info in the context of total daily intake. Also on the foot note, Vitamin D and potassium are now required to appear along with calcium and iron; vitamins A and C no longer required, but may be voluntarily provided. “Calories from fat” is being removed secondary to research showing type of fat is more important that the amount. It is important to note serving sizes are based on amounts of food and beverages people actually consume, not the amount they should be consuming. Packaged foods with between 1-2 servings are now required to be labeled as one serving because people typically consume the entire package in one sitting.  Larger packages will have two columns of nutrient info – one for “per serving” and one for “per package”.  And my personal favorite update to take place: a line for “added sugars” will be un the total sugar as part of the carbohydrate breakdown. Changes are set to made by July 26, 2018 (manufactures with <$10 million in sales will have an additional year to comply).

Old                                                New