10 Tips for Getting Back on Track

img_0570For most of us, getting back on track with healthy eating and exercise habits is one of the hardest parts of “recovering” from a holiday. Don’t let the time between Thanksgiving and the New Year’s go to waste. Even if the goal isn’t to lose weight during the holidays, maintaining weight and optimal health can be good goals to focus on. In effort to refocus ourselves, utilize the 10 tips below.

  1. Drink plenty of water. This is often a neglected habit. I feel a reusable bottle is the most convenient option, but grabbing a few bottled waters to take with us can work too.
  2. Track your food intake. Research supports, people who keep food records lose more weight than those that don’t. The format is inconsequential. Some of us are more comfortable with using an app on our smartphone, some with handwriting it and others with a spreadsheet. Whatever format suits your comfort level is fine, just get started!
  3. Get moving. Sometimes the thought of an hour long workout can seem daunting. Start with 15-20 minutes of activity a few days a week. We can always build on this, but starting with a shorter time frame often seems more manageable.
  4.  Look for motivational quotes. I typically turn to Pinterest for this, but google will work just as well. One of my favorite quotes is “strive for progress not perfection”. Sometimes I will even print out a quote and hang it up on my fridge. Having a visual of my goals in a visible place is a great reminder of what I want to accomplish.
  5. Make a plan. Think about your schedule for the week. When will be the best opportunities to fit in exercise, go the grocery store or prepare meals? Write these tasks on your calendar and make it happen.
  6.  Cut back on portions slightly. Even if we don’t make any changes to what we are consuming, we can cut back on our calorie intake by reducing how much we consume.
  7.  Fill up on fruits and veggies. These foods are relatively low in calories, but very filling. It is a good way to combat true physical hunger.
  8. Find a “buddy”. Having a support person can get us through some tough times. They can also help keep us accountable to our goals and even be an exercise partner.
  9. Go to the grocery store. Most of us will choose a healthy option if it is available. That being said, we need to stock up at home to ensure this is possible.
  10. Take it one day at a time and stay positive! It is easy to get overwhelmed by all we would like to accomplish. There is no use beating ourselves up over the past. We can’t change it. Focus on the now and moving forward.